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A Gig Of Many Things - With Shariq

In August 2020 we live streamed a specially put-together gig from our Shariq!
Shariq is one of our up-and-coming group leaders and legendary Jubacana guitarist. He’s put together ‘a gig of many things’ for you to enjoy – from EDM to classical to Jubacana specials.

Jubacana Online Summer School 2020

In August 2020 we decided to do an online summer school as we couldn’t get together in real life. Our summer school is one of the key dates in the year and we wanted to figure out a way of delivering a week’s worth of content online before the school year started again

Jubassic Park [Summer School 2020]

In August 2020 we decided to do an online summer school as we couldn’t get together in real life. After taking part in a music writing workshop, everyone sent in a recording of what they came up with, not knowing what each other had written. Using audio and video wizardry, we created a new piece of music for when we can come back together.

Irene Ketikidi Masterclass

We had an amazing day blasting out beats and guitar riffs with Irene; she was so patient and skilful and absolutely loved meeting Jubacana and feeling the energy from our inspired young folks. So many of our Jubacanians had their first ever taster of guitar playing. She delivered a Q&A about her experience as an artist in the industry, and shared some top tips about guitar playing. She also performed a live demo of her amazing music.

Jubacana Summer School 2019

What a day! We were joined by four fabulous guest tutors for a day of music and dance, and new faces to welcome to our Jubacana family. Chris Cliff & Mike Mellor – melody | Jordan Ferguson – percussion | Yandass Ndlovu – dance

Jubacana: Vamos Tocar

In August 2018 we took 9 young people to The Encontro Street Band Festival 2018 in Glasgow to collaborate with youth groups from all over the UK and Brazil. It was a first meeting of its kind. The documentary also features the Jubacana Summer School with special guests Banda Alana from São Paulo, Brazil.