Jubacana Patrons!

We are so excited to announce that we have two new patrons of Jubacana:
Silvanny Sivuca and Irene Ketikidi! Sivuca and Irene have been big supporters of Jubacana and we are thrilled they agreed to be our first ever patrons! A patron is someone who wants to get involved in a project more formally and offer their support and advice, or simply champion a project because it aligns with their beliefs.
Sivuca is a master percussionist, musician and educator. Holly and Sivuca met in 2003 while Sivuca was touring and teaching in Oldham (interestingly at the Museum where Jubacana rehearse today!). They have shared a similar journey: from starting as teenagers in percussion projects, progressing to leading those projects and bands, having a passion for teaching young people music, and eventually forming their own organisations.
Holly and Irene met on a tour in 2012 and hit it off instantly; it was probably Irene’s hotel room rendition of ‘Little Wing’ by Jimi Hendrix. Since then Holly and Irene have kept in touch and in October 2019 we flew Irene in from Athens to deliver a guitar masterclass and Q&A as part of our Youth Music programme. As well as being a world class performer, Irene is an educator and shares guitar licks, tips and tricks online and to young people back home in Athens.

You can read more about Sivuca & Irene here: www.jubacana.com/patrons


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