Youth Music Awards 2019

Earlier this year, Holly was nominated for a Youth Music award for ‘Inspirational Music Leader’ by our very own Freya for her work developing young people not only in Jubacana but also as Artistic Director of Global Grooves, based in Tameside, and she made the shortlist!

Holly and Dan went to the awards last week, which were held at the amazing Battersea Arts Centre, in London. It was a beautiful night and it was a great opportunity to hear about all the wonderful work that goes on around the UK, supported by Youth Music.

A big congratulations to Neil Card (from Tang Hall Smart CIC) who won Holly’s category.

Holly says: “Thank you Freya for nominating me for an Inspiring Music Leader award at the first ever Youth Music awards! I never got to see your video, but I feel the connection kiddo. In the end I didn’t win my category with anything physical to hold in my hands, but it really didn’t matter.

I am so endlessly proud and so blessed to have met some of the most incredible people along my journey through the Youth Music projects I have been involved in over the years, namely Jubacana, Future Leaders with Global Grooves and the The Vale Music Ensemble back in the day with Bangdrum CIC.

So very proud of Sam, Brendan and Josh from Jack Drum Arts for scooping the Social Action award, so deserved. It’s been wonderful to see them grow so much over the years we’ve spent banging drums and having late night chats at Castleshaw Centre. Jack Drum Arts you rule! Respect.

Absolutely blessed. Thanks everyone for your support and for the love, energy and time we share through these life changing projects. I’ve learned so much!”

Freya (who helps run Jubacana and was involved in the Future Leaders project from Global Grooves) nominated Holly earlier this year for the award:

“Holly is an inspiration to many that she has met at various points over the years, especially within the Future Leaders Programme. I think we’re incredibly lucky as participants to have witnessed her sheer skill in the instruments and styles that she plays; heard her stories of dedication to practice and learning since when she was a similar age to us; felt the energy, passion that radiates from within; and, as I’m sure others would agree, have felt overwhelming support and caring from her for our own individual journeys, in all of their forms, despite the network reaching over 100 young people nationally and internationally now!

“I feel inspired with the passion and energy that she shines and it’s true to say that I’ve grown incredible amounts as an individual in the time that we have known each other. I feel I’ve been influenced hugely – both from advice and guidance, as well as observing an individual that I look up to – in my artistic and creative development. I am incredibly grateful for her being so willing to let me take (many!) leaves from her rich book of experience and expertise. There are few individuals in the world who would put so much into ensuring that the positive impact of music is shared with others.”

Youth Music celebrates 20 years this year, here’s the video they premiered on the night:

Well done Holly!

Youth music have funded our work since 2017 and we are embarking on our second round of funding to develop a young mentors programme and a 5-7s class.

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